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บ้าน ข่าวโดจิน อัพเดตล่าสุด ลองดูภาพแรกสำหรับ Yuusha-hime Milia 02

ลองดูภาพแรกสำหรับ Yuusha-hime Milia 02

ลองดูภาพแรกสำหรับ Yuusha-hime Milia 02

didn’t lag behind and also unveiled the first images of , their new fantasy anime about a loli who tricked the king into killing his son. You can see the image gallery here:

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Yuusha-hime Milia 02

In this OVA we’ll see the fallen prince manipulating the heroine to take revenge on her. You can tell us what was your favorite part of this episode. Mine was when the princess gets fucked in front of everyone during the class.

Don’t forget that this second OVA will be released on .

The protagonist, Milia, a warrior princess, questions why she must lose her virginity with a supporting character. She feels it’s part of her duty as a heroine due to the influence of a goddess in her head. Although she doesn’t fully comprehend the situation, she decides to focus on her adventure. During her journey, she defeats trolls in the village, searches for treasures in the academy, and faces horny situations. Despite wearing sturdy armor, she’s surprised to realize that she is now dressed in tight gym clothes.




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